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May I begin by welcoming you to our school web site and in doing so I trust you will find the contents both informative and interesting. This new site will I hope be, like most things within our school, ever changing and evolving as our curriculum and our unique school environment changes to meet the needs of our children.

Mr Terry Shields, Head TeacherKing’s Park is a large primary school situated on the south side of Lurgan. As a school it has had a long and distinguished tradition, we the current staff intend to continue to enhance the school’s reputation within and beyond our immediate area by continuing to meet the needs of our community in all aspects the education and development of its children up to the age of eleven.

We as a school pride ourselves in providing a broad and balanced curriculum to all with an emphasis on academic excellence and the development of each individual’s talents and abilities to the full. We regard education as a lifelong process and the child not as ‘a vessel to be filled’ but rather as ‘lamp to be lighted’. Education and learning is we feel a lifelong process and it would be our principle aim to endeavour to equip all of our children with the necessary skills and abilities during their most formative years so as to ensure that each and every child will be able to maximise his or her individual talents to the full and to take a up a productive and positive role in society.
As you will read elsewhere in our school literature we will at all times put the needs of your child as our ‘first’ priority and to this end I would ask all families and parents of King’s Park to work with the staff in partnership on a day to day basis. I believe that if we all work together in the interests of your child/ren then undoubtedly their time at King’s Park will be both rewarding and enjoyable.
Should you as a parent or perspective parent wish to speak with me at any time regarding King’s Park please feel free to contact the school and arrange an interview at your earliest convenience. In the meantime enjoy the contents of our web site and feel free to give us some feedback through the comments page.
Yours sincerely
Terry Shields, Headteacher
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