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King's Park Nursery

Here in King's Park we have a fabulous purpose built Nursery building with three full time classes. We have an extensive outdoor area and access to the school's MUGA pitch. We are timetabled to use this facility at a Nursery specific time ensuring that the Nursery children's physical needs are developed and nurtured from a very young age.


Transition from Home to Nursery

We have strong links with our Nursery parents here in King's Park. We have a Transition from Home to Nursery Policy and develop strong and positive relationships with all parents and children. Your child's transition into Nursery is eased through the use of Dojo, the school website, daily interactions with parents and a range of correspondence with parents. Parental views are sought before children are admitted in September and information is used to help to ensure a smooth and positive transition into King's Park Nursery.


Transition into Primary 1

We have strong links with the staff in the main school and we work extremely hard as a school to ensure that the children move smoothly from Nursery into our Primary 1.  We have a Transition policy and parents and children are assisted in the transition from Nursery to Primary 1 by a range of planned activities in school, class Dojo, through the school website and via a range of correspondence from school to home.


The Importance of Play.

Playing is your child’s right wherever they are- at home , in childcare and at school. Every child has the right to play as recognised in the United Nation’s Convention on the rights of the child.  During the Nursery day we provide them with a wide range of Educationally motivating and challenging play activities indoors and outdoors. We also provide our parents with ideas on how to help their child learn at home and these ideas are very much centred around play.


Information for prospective parents

Please contact the school for a copy of our Nursery prospectus to be posted directly to your home.

Following this, should you still have any queries or require any other information you can contact me directly to school via telephone.


E. Quinn (Nursery Co-ordinator)