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1. Introduction                


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2. Aims


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3. Teacher expectations


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4. Parent/carer expectations


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5. Pupil expectations


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6. Using ClassDojo for home learning


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7. Appendix 1 - Class Dojo Parent User Agreement Form


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8. Appendix 2 - Class Dojo Rules for Pupils


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We believe that an effective partnership between home and school is beneficial in supporting children in their learning.

As a result, we have introduced Class Dojo in every class. Class Dojo is a communication application (app) which connects parents/carers, teachers and children. ClassDojo is free and works on any iOS/Android/Kindle Fire device or web browser. Parents/carers can also read all Class Story posts in their preferred language instantly. Teachers use it as a communication platform to encourage children and to get parents/carers engaged in their children’s learning. It has a reward component and a communication system. Teachers can communicate with parents on a 1:1 messaging service or via the class page where general class messages can be shared.

Teachers can create engaging content including videos and interactive tasks for children to complete as part of their home or remote learning. Children can engage in their learning in school and home by posting evidence of work in their portfolio and responding to tasks and feedback from their teacher.

Class Dojo can also be used as a positive reinforcement tool in regards to behaviour and encouragement when completing work. However, this use is subjective to the discretion of each teacher.

All information on ClassDojo is private between teachers, parents/carers and students. Information is never sold and ClassDojo permanently deletes students’ personal information when they stop using ClassDojo. Teachers, parents and students can always access and delete their information at any time.


  • To establish more effective communication links with parents.
  • To support and enhance home and remote learning when necessary
  • To ensure all users use Class Dojo responsibly (including school staff and parents)
  • To ensure key information relating to school life or classes is shared quickly and efficiently;
    In the event of children needing to self-isolate:
  • For children to continue having a sense of being a part of their class, in contact with teachers and the life of their peers;
  • For teachers to provide engaging activities and resources linked to the school curriculum to ensure learning is not disrupted
  • For teachers to provide support for children in continuing with home learning through daily updates, portfolios and messages
  • To monitor completion of set tasks and provide feedback

Teacher expectations:

  • Teachers are expected to access their Class Dojo account via the website and also download the free app onto their school iPad.
  • Teachers are expected to send out invitations to the parents in their class, and regularly encourage parents to sign up. It is imperative that teachers remember to add new children that join their class throughout the year.
  • Teachers are encouraged to post updates on their class page. The number of posts teachers make and the content, which has to be appropriate or relevant, is at the discretion of the teacher.


  •  All members of staff using Class Dojo are asked to set a ‘quiet hours’ on their page, this is when messages will not be read or responded to out of the designated hours. The agreed quiet hours are between 4:00pm and 8:45am Mondays to Friday, and all-day Saturday and Sunday. Teachers are asked to refrain from checking their messages outside of these working hours.
  • It is not expected that teachers will need the app on their mobile device, as we must be mindful of the impact this may have on their personal time.
  • Teachers are respectfully reminded to not engage in any conversations about personal matters via the class page or the messaging service. Should teachers receive any messages which they find inappropriate, they should see a senior member of staff as soon as possible.
  • Should a staff member be unable to answer a question via the messaging system, they can ask the parent to phone the school directly.
  • Teachers must make themselves fully aware of the children who are in Looked After Care or who do not have permission to have their photographs shared on Class Dojo, and ensure that these children do not appear on Class Dojo.
  • Teachers will only use the first names of the children when posting pictures or messages on ClassDojo (and may, on occasions, use the first initial of a child’s surname also if there is more than one child that shares the same first name within that class).
  • Teachers cannot share content published on ClassDojo on their personal social media accounts due to a breach of privacy.
  • ClassDojo is the responsibility of the class teacher and only the class should post on the class story. If the class teacher is on sick or long term leave, the responsibility will be passed to another member of staff.

Parent/Carer expectations:

  • Agree to follow the Parent User Agreement Form (appendix 1) before using Class Dojo.
  • If you have any questions, queries or concerns, do feel free to message your child’s teacher on Class Dojo and they will also keep in touch with you via Class Dojo. You can still leave messages at the front office and communicate with the school in the same ways you use to. If a matter cannot be easily resolved via the messaging service, the class teacher will arrange a phone call or meeting.
  • In order to maintain the well-being of our class teachers, as well as ensuring they have a work- life balance, we ask that you bear in mind that though teachers can be messaged by you at any time, a response will only be given during the hours of 8:45am – 4pm Monday-Friday as the rest of the time teachers are set on ‘quiet time’.
  • Teachers will not be able to respond to your messages on weekends and any other time outside of the stated period. If it is an urgent concern or query, please do follow the channels of communications that you would have done previously. For anything particularly sensitive or confidential, it is more appropriate to speak over the phone or in person. The purpose of the Dojo message can be to try to arrange those opportunities.
  • Parents/carers should be aware that teachers will not necessarily respond to messages straight away, but will endeavour to do so within as soon as possible during working days only. They may also not read the message that you have sent until the end of the day due to their teaching commitments.
  • Parents/carers should not use this messaging tool to enquire about the progress of their child on any level, but can use it to arrange a meeting with class teachers to discuss any questions they may have.
  • Parents must be polite and respectful when messaging teachers or commenting on the class news feed. Any inappropriate comments will be removed/blocked and the service may be removed.
  • Parents must ensure that their child uses Class Dojo safely and support them in uploading evidence of learning.
  • Check for individual messages and whole class stories at least twice a week.
  •  Parents/carers cannot share photographs, messages or work samples published on ClassDojo on their personal social media accounts due to a breach of privacy. Parents/carers who share private or confidential material or information may be removed from ClassDojo.
  • Parents/carers will understand that the number of posts will not be consistent from week to week and will be dependent on events that are happening in school. The number and content of posts may also differ across year groups.


  • Any messages which refer to absences, sickness, change of pickups i.e., time/adults etc., should still be directed to the school office.


Pupil Expectations

  • Agree and follow the school rules for Class Dojo (appendix 2)
  • Complete assigned tasks Class Dojo
  • Only log into their own account



Using ClassDojo for home learning

  • In the event of a school, bubble or class closure, ClassDojo will be used as a platform for home learning.
  • Teachers and/or staff will share links, activities and resources to allow work to be completed at home.
  • Teachers and/or staff will comment, like or return work to pupils once it has been completed. Work may not always be marked straight away due to other teaching commitments or availability.
  • Parents can message teachers for information or help when home learning. However, the response may not be immediate, especially if the teacher is still teaching within school.







Appendix 1

Class Dojo Parent User Agreement Form

Parents/Carers must agree to the following in order to be invited to join King’s Park Primary School Class Dojo account.

ü I have read and understood the school’s Class Dojo Policy.

ü I give permission for my child to use Class Dojo.

ü I agree to the school posting pictures of my child, their work and positive comments about my child on Class Dojo, which could be viewed by other members.

ü I am aware that all images posted on Class Dojo remain the property of King’s Park Primary School and should not be reproduced. I agree not to copy or reproduce images, e.g. as screen shots, or post them on social media.

ü I agree that any messages or information I send to the school will be positive, respectful and in keeping with the positive spirit of Class Dojo and the school policies. I understand that teachers will only access Class Dojo Monday to Friday 8:45am-4pm and I will wait for a response before contacting again.

ü I agree not to post negative messages or raise serious concerns on the Class Dojo site. Should I have any complaints or concerns related to my child’s education or care, I agree to raise the issue using the stages identified in the school's Complaints Procedure and Policy. (Note – This policy is available on the school website or in person from the school office.)

ü I agree not to share my password with anyone other than immediate family members, e.g. spouse.

ü I will contact the school directly via the school office with regards to any messages which refer to absences, sickness, change of pickups i.e., time/adults etc.,

ü If I have any concerns, queries or questions regarding Class Dojo or any content posted on the site, I will raise them with the Vice Principal or the Principal.

When using Class Dojo you will be subject to the Privacy Policy and any posted guidelines, policies or rules applicable to specific features of the Class Dojo Website or ClassDojo App. Details of the policy can be found on

For full details of the ClassDojo privacy see:
The School reserves the right to deny further access to the school’s ClassDojo account in the event of violation of these terms.

Signed .......................................................................... Date ...................................................... Parent of .................................................................... in Class ...................................................



Appendix 2


Class Dojo Rules for Pupils


When I use ClassDojo I will:

- Show respect to my teachers and classmates


- Be kind and friendly


- Tell an adult if something worries or upsets me


- Only use ClassDojo with permission from a parent/carer


- Only login to my account


- Use appropriate language