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Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing

Why is child mental health so important?





The current situation that we find ourselves in is unlike anything that most of us will have experienced before. At times like this it is not only important to consider physical health but also mental health of both pupils and parents. On this page you will find some useful tips and activities to help promote positive mental health and wellbeing among adults and children alike.






Our second Mental Health Superhero is Agent Grateful, who is challenging us to end each day by thinking of 5 things that we are grateful for that day. Click on the links below to access a printable character card and journal activity. If you make an ‘Agent Grateful’ poster make sure to send us a picture of it for the website!


Meet Professor Pinwheel, whose superpower enables him to control his feelings by focusing on his breathing. Let him teach you how to do the same, using his secret weapon, the pinwheel.


Click on the document below to read about Professor Pinwheel and if you would like to, you can print out the collectable card - there will be a new one each week!


If you have a go at drawing your own picture of Professor Pinwheel or a calm breathing poster, send us a picture to and we will put it on the school website!

Supporting Mental Health through play

ROBert explains the corona virus to children | PLAYMOBIL

This is a useful video that has been produced by Playmobil, to explain Coronavirus to children. This may help to answer some of the questions that children have about the current situation.

Here are some simple steps that we can all take to promote positive mental health and wellbeing when our normal routines have been disrupted and we are spending a lot more time at home than usual.
Here are some printable wellbeing activities for pupils to use at home. The printable ‘Roll a positive question’ is a great way to start some positive conversations!