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Messages of hope

See you Soon!

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By Sophie P3
By Logan P3
By Ethan P6
By Jack

Show Kindness

By Alesha P6
By Emilia P7
Flowers for Nanny and Granny
A cake for my Grandparents!
By Callum P4
By Lacey P3
In a world where you can be anything, be kind.
Making buns for my grandparents
Making buns for my grandparents

Pebble Art!

By Abi P6
By Amir and Shabana
Kurt added his rock to the pebble snake in Moira!
By Heidi and Max P5S
Elijah found a tree nook for his pebble!
By Jacob Calvert P3

Heart art!

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By Anthony P1
By Lacey P3
By Callum P4
By Amber P3
By Logan
By Ethan
By Luke P4
Sofi P4


By Joel
By Jaxon P1
Making heart shaped cinnamon tear and share! Yum!
By Alesha P6
By Riley P2
By Leon P3
By Logan
By Ethan
By Anna P3
Summer’s Granny loved receiving her letter!
By Nathan P1 for his granny
By Dylan P5
By Dylan P5
By Jacob
By Jaxon P1 for his Aunt and care home residents
By Joshua P5S
Jasmine made this rainbow for Laganvale Care Home
By Katy-Sofia P3
By Alesha B
By Leon B
By Ethan B
By Logan B
By Daniel P7Rob
By Kayla P5
By Kayla P5
By Sophie P4
By Poppy P5
By Kayla P5
By Jack P1

King’s Park Art

Happy Birthday Captain Tom!


Captain Tom Moore is an inspirational war veteran who has recently raised a huge and ever-increasing amount of money for the NHS. He will celebrate his 100th birthday on 30th April and we would like to wish him a very Happy Birthday!



Sarah McClughan P4O’H
Zach Stewart P4O’H
Poppy Heasley P4O’H

Happy Easter!

Thank you NHS and Keyworkers

By Kirsty P6
By Kirsty P6
By Ethan P6
By Heidi-Rose P4
By Tiana P2
By Henry P1
By Olivia P6

From Primary 3

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🌈Rainbow Pictures 🌈

By Reuben P P3
By Casey, Connie and Ruby C
By Heidi-Rose, Tiana and Henry M
By Olivia H P6
By Madison P6
By Harriet P2
By Fatima P3
By Ezra and Elah
By Carter, Anayse and Zoraya
By Lauri K (Nursery)
By Sofia (Nursery 3)
By Poppy H P4
By Levi B P4
By Demi-Lee P3
By James B P6
By Adele B P4
By Imogen C P6
By Alicja L
By Jamie G P6
By Nicole G P3
By Poppy R P6
By Sadie P3
By the Silva Shaw family
By Joshua and Katy-Sofia
By Sarah Mc P4
By Mark C
By Abi and Noah C
By Hannah L P7
By Summer L P6
By Zara P4
By Scarlett P7
By Rimsha (Nursery)