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You are all 'Stay at Home Stars!'



This is a page to celebrate all the lovely things that you have been doing. We hope you enjoy seeing what everyone's been up to while staying safe at home.

If you want to send anything in that you have been doing - artwork, poems, crafting, baking, animations, gardening etc. - you can send it to your teacher or direct to this email address


Ryan P7M drew Bowser from a 3D character.

Charlette in P3McS made a recipe book and made buns. 🧁

Robyn P4O’H spotted eggs in the swans nest at Lurgan Park. Look at the baby cygnets! Can you spot them at the park? Remember to just watch them from afar like Robyn so you don’t disturb mummy and her babies.🦢

Matthew in Nursery 3 searching for different animals in the Park!

Kajus in Nursery 3 making some cinnamon bread!

Harper in Nursery 3 getting creative by making Pom Pom turtles and strawberry stones!

Elah in Nursery 3 experimenting with mixing colours!

Adam P4F/A created a WW2 game - you might like to play it.

Zach P4O’H baked and decorated cupcakes. Delicious!

Hannah P2C and Kayla P4O'H have been finger knitting - how cool! They’ve made butterflies, snakes and matching jewellery sets.

Brook H P4T created some lovely abstract art.

Jack P1H has been making butterflies and batman masks

Micah P1H saw a swan and her cygnets in the park when he was doing his daily mile.

Kesiah P1H had great fun making a bird house out of left over wood with her daddy.

Elijah P1H built an orrery and made a clay spaceship to sit under it!🌏🚀

Max P4O’H planting carrots, radishes and onions.

Arthur in Nursery 3 has had a busy week finding mini beasts, making play dough and writing his numbers! Well done Arthur!

Matthew in Nursery 3 has created a Mini beast mobile. He has also had lots of fun as Fireman Matthew!

Sofia in Nursery 3 having fun with numbers and pattern!

Julia in P3McS has been learning to iron!

Caeden and Raef in P3McS have enjoyed being outside and have made nature journals! 🍃🐛

Sophia P4O’H made a beautiful butterfly. It’s symmetrical.

Zach P4O’H making biscuits.

Robyn P4O’H and Tom P5S have been data handling with a difference.

Natalia has been doing some art and some baking!

Tegan P7Rob was drawing Disney Villains!

Michael and Matthew P7Rob have been busy building things for their gardens! 🛠

Arthur in Nursery 3 has been on a Bug Hut while he visited the park! 🐜🐞🐛🕷

Annie in Nursery 3 painted an outline of herself to send a hug to her nanny! Amazing!

Harper in Nursery 3 has been busy baking and making some teddy bears for her stage!

Kayla P5S made a lovely heart-shaped chocolate cake! Yum!

Robyn P4O’H, Tom P5S, Alex P7Ma have been baking at home. They made cinnamon tear and share bread. Yum! And Robyn has been baking chocolate cake.

Maya in P3D has been gardening. Looks lovely!

Micah from P5S made his own video with lots of tips on how we can all stay fit and active!

Still image for this video

Logan P2S doing some arts and crafts using different materials!

Hannah P2C with her bean experiment.

Kayla P4O’H ‘Digging for Victory!”

Sofia from Nursery 3 has made a Bug Hotel and found a snail living inside!

Matthew from Nursery 3 has made two wonderful minibeasts called ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘Marshall’, well done!

Bonnie from Nursery 3 has been busy making cookies, well done!

Reuben of Nursery 3 has been busy planting seeds and looking after his caterpillars!

Sam P6F has been enjoying solving all of his maths problems

Nial P7Rob lockdown poem 🖊

Daniel P7Rob painted “Captain Jack Sparrow” 🏴‍☠️

Phoebe and Sophie P7Rob constructed rockets and launched them in their gardens for our STEM project this week 🚀

Sophie P7Rob completed her virtual piano exam - such a talent!

Still image for this video

Logan P2S got a special treasure hunt letter in the post! He loved using the map to find the special prize at the end.

Brooklyn in P4F/A has been baking, making theme parks and drawing with chalk.

Justin in P3McS has been outside playing football, riding his bike and he has enjoyed playing Monopoly!

Reuben in P3McS has been very busy! He has baked his mummy a birthday cake, made spaghetti bolognese, made lots of art and he has been creative with big cardboard boxes!

Carter in P3McS has been making homemade pizza and baking cookies!

Sophie P3McS has been making a bird bath/feeder, making honeycomb and climbing trees!

Tiana P2W drew an owl and her owlet.

Zack P2S made some yummy rainbow toast this morning!

Brodie P4O’H illustrated Jemima from one of his reading books. He even remembered her shadow.

Oliver P1H is doing some building and writing letters to his friend.

Olivia P6S was supposed to be going to Euro Disney this summer so she drew Mickey following one of the Disney tutorials.

Sophie P6S baked her own birthday cake! Well done Sophie and Happy Birthday!

Adam P7Rob did the baking challenge 🧁

Abbie P7Rob has been spending time in the sunshine with her horse! 🐎

P7Rob artists! Darcey did another tutorial from Adrian Margey of “Mussenden Temple” wow 🤩 Tegan illustrated this excellent animated picture of a cat in a jar of jelly beans. 👏🏻

Daniel and Sophie P7Rob wrote beautiful poems about lockdown 😃

Mia and Lilly from P1O/S learned to ride their bicycles without stabilisers whilst at home- a big well done girls 👏🚲😊

Heidi-Rose P4O’H plays a piece on her piano beautifully. She has been playing lots during lockdown.

Still image for this video

Noah P2S made some yummy buns!

Sara P2S and Luc P4F/A have been super busy at home. They have been around Lurgan Park looking for squirrels, learning how to be a leader, making bread and butter pudding for VE Day, doing an amazing good deed walking a dog for an elderly neighbour and planting some lovely flowers!

Logan P2S had a great day looking for different types of leaves in Lurgan Park!

Emily P6F celebrated VE Day last week by making decorations and a delicious cake!

Zack P2S, Emelia P1O and Daniel N1 have all been busy making a bird house! Zack also drew and coloured in a zombie and Steve from mine craft!

Heidi P2S has been keeping very busy by doing her ballet and singing lessons on zoom, making an ice egg using wild flowers, baking with her brother and going on scavenger hunts!

Grace P2S and her sister Sophie P4F/A have been helping to build a gazebo in their back garden to enjoy the lovely weather!

Kacper P4O’H made a lava lamp! You could try it yourself at home. The instructions are below.

Still image for this video

Kayla P4O'H is growing watermelons!

Heidi-Rose P4O’H and Tiana P2W made a wartime cake with no eggs.

Imogen P6P made her own VE Day bunting and red, white and blue hearts.

Kayla P4O’H made a bug hotel and baked a cake for VE Day!

Jaxon P1McC/S made a McDonalds all from scratch, even the playdough!

Imogen from Nursery 3 learnt and recorded a poem! Well done Imogen!

Still image for this video

Rhys P1R made a shop and some lovely handprint art.

Michael P7Rob piano solo

Still image for this video

Thomas (P5S) has been planting pumpkins!

Tom (P5S) made his own pasta!

Isaac (P5Gl) and Robin (P1H) have been planting sunflowers!

Mia P1O made a mud kitchen with her daddy. They painted it pink!

Sarah P4O’H has been very busy planting seeds and baking. Looks like fun!

Sophie P7Rob and Harry P3C have been incubating little chicks and they caught one hatching on camera!

Still image for this video

P7Rob have been drawing Disney characters!

Lauri from Nursery 3 made bun case butterflies. 🦋

Liliana P5Gl has been helping with the cooking at home

Lucy P5Gl has been learning to knit!

Phoebe P4O’H painted a beautiful sunset.

Zach P4O’H and Freya P2W made masks of their favourite animals! Love the T-shirts too!

Kacper P4O’H made a card for his next door neighbour Gil who will be 82 next week. He has also made a board game, what a good idea. And illustrated a picture of his class - he misses them all.

Gracie from Nursery 3 helping her mums school complete a pebble drop to spread positive messages all around the community!

Leah from Nursery 3 creating some nature art with resources found in her garden!

Elijah from Nursery 3 learning how to make pizza!

Adam P4F/A created an animation.

Still image for this video

Julia P5Gl has been enjoying cycling past the beautiful spring bluebells!

Mia P5 Gl has been learning to cook at home, here she makes lasagne

Caleb P5Gl has been exploring the Lough shoreline where he lives, he found a huge swan’s egg!

Tom P5Gl made his first model of the football stadium the Santiago Bernabeu! He has been out keeping active

Liliana P5Gl made a Doll’s House

Heidi P5S created an animation about Snow White.

Still image for this video

Sophie P5S has created an animation. You could try it too. Watch Miss Spiers animation video on the P5 clas page.

Still image for this video

Hope P6S drew Simba from the Lion King using a Disney tutorial she watched.

Heidi-Rose P4O’H spotted this gorgeous bird in her garden. (She made it- how cool!!)

Phoebe and Darcey P7Rob took on the STEM challenge of building a sturdy tower!

Sophie, Janae, Daniel, Leon and Grace P7Rob have been baking up a storm!

Scarlett and Sophie from P7Rob completed the STEM challenge - balancing robots!

Elijah P1H has done lots of cooking. One day he made pizza

Adam P1H has been colouring by letters

Max P1H learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers!

Jaidon P1H made a clay pot

Oliver P1H plant8ng seeds

Joe and Jack P1 H playing hide and seek

Brody P1 H did a special family hands picture

Chloe and Yazzi P1H have been baking

Matthew P1 H has his favourite things to do during lockdown

Darcey in P7Rob had a go at painting like Adrian Margey

Robyn P4O’H baked a clock cake to remind her of the time! How cool!!

Heidi-Rose P4O’H made a film set out of Lego.

Max, Levi and Kacper in P4O’H all made bird cakes and saw lots of lovely birds.

Justine P4O’H created her own spitfire from WW2.

Adele P4O’H made her own Ratatouille

Kacper P4O’H made a clock! ⏰

Zach P4O’H made an Algebra Alphabet - can you work it out?