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We cannot believe that it is now the month of June; our last month in Nursery before the summer holidays, and what a busy month it is going to be! We will be exploring the exciting topics of Sealife and Summer as well as be taking part in many activities to help us prepare for our transition to Primary 1 in September! We also hope that there will be some more sunny weather so that we can enjoy our outdoor classroom!

We had a great Sports Day with our family and friends! We all enjoyed taking part in a running race and then we had lots of fun participating in many different activities round the MUGA pitch! We received a special sticker for our Sports Day certificate for each activity we completed. We then enjoyed a family picnic and lunch in the Nursery playground and gardens. Next we received a special visit from the ice-cream man! The ice-cream was delicious! Finally, before we went home, we were awarded wth a medal for taking part in Sports Day! Well done to all of our Nursery boys and girls!

Releasing our beautiful butterflies!

Today was the day! Our butterflies were ready to leave our classroom and find a new home in our Nursery garden! We were sad to see them go but we were so excited to watch them finally fly! Some of the butterflies didn't fly too far away though and we got to see them up close! They were beautiful with bright colourful wings! This has been a very fun and interactive way to learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly and watch the different stages happen right in our Nursery! We will never forget this exciting experience!

We are enjoying taking part in various art activities as we explore our sealife topic! We worked together to create a bright and colourful rainbow fish. We also used paint and our handprints to make cool sea pictures with a fish and wavy seaweed. Next, we enjoyed getting our hands sticky and messy by making starfish using soup mixture and glue!

Watching our tiny caterpillars turn in to beautiful butterflies!