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P3 enjoyed bringing our teddies to school to help with our activities.

Jim and the Beanstalk

Jim and the Beanstalk 1

We have been enjoying reading Jim and the Beanstalk by Raymond Briggs.

This is a charming extension to the traditional Jim and The Beanstalk tale. Jim, a relative of Jack's, travels to the top of the beanstalk where he meets a sad, elderly and very lonely giant. When Jim befriends him, the Giant begins to feel more like his old self and suddenly develops a taste for fried boy............


We are currently completing a range of activities based around the story including

  • We pretended to be Jim and sent Mum a text message to explain where we were, we even sent a selfie!
  • We studied the setting and painted a picture of the castle. We critiqued our pictures using two stars and a wish. 
  • We drew our own giants and used them to help us with our estimating and measuring skills.
  • We planned and wrote a postcard for Mum explaining what we were up to.
  • The giant has asked us to help him find Jim so we thought of useful adjectives and will be making a wanted poster.
  • We will be receiving a Thank you letter from the giant with a gold coin- only pretend. We will discuss what we would spend it on!
  • Plus lots more..........