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Over the next two months we will be exploring the topics of Spring, Minibeasts and Teddy Bears.  

We will be continuing to talk about Spring time; new life, Spring flowers and growing seeds/plants. We will also have hands-on experiences of planting seeds, looking after them and observing them grow! 

We will be learning about minibeasts; their names, comparing body shapes, number of legs etc. of a wide variety of creatures. We look forward to searching for some minibeasts in our Nursery garden! To further extend this topic, we plan to visit W5 in Belfast and take part in their ‘Build a Bug’ workshop!

We will also be exploring the topic of Teddy Bears and taking part in a special picnic with our own teddy bears...hopefully outside!

We will continue to take part in activities to develop our gross and fine motor skills, as well as take part in activities to help us name shapes, colours, develop our counting and sorting skills and copy, continue and create 2 colour patterns! A busy two months lies ahead!


We really enjoyed brining our teddy bears to Nursery! We played with them in our classroom, had a special teddy bears’ picnic and they even joined in with our story time and songs and rhymes! Our teddy bears also stayed for a sleepover in Nursery. We put them all to bed before we left Nursery, but when we came back the next day, they had all moved! We think that they were playing instead of sleeping!!
We enjoyed planting cress seeds and watching them grow! We watered our seeds each day and left them in the sunlight to grow!
We are enjoying learning about minibeasts and spring time through our play! We have also been enjoying spending more time outdoors and making the most of the warmer weather!
We painted beautiful cherry blossom trees! First we painted the trunk and branches using brown paint. Then we used white paint and different shades of pink paint for the blossom. We used foam noodles, foam stubs, our fingertips and paint brushes to paint on the cherry blossom. You can see some of these beautiful cherry blossom paintings on one of the display boards in our classroom!