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Our current WAU topic involves us learning about what school was like in the past.


Our school was built a long time ago, it opened in 1936!!! Can you work out how many years ago that was?


We walked around school and sketched six pictures of different architectural features of the building. We found the old boys and girls entrances! We focused on shading and tried to include as much detail in their pictures as possible. It was pretty chilly so we had to sketch quickly....brrrrrr.❄️


P4G sketching 16/11/15

Pictures of P4Fo sketching the school



Primary Four have been looking at the artwork of famous artist Pablo Picasso.

We completed portraits using colour to display emotion just like Picasso did. We compared Picasso's portraits to the film "Inside Out. The character Sadness was blue and Joy was yellow. Picasso used blue for his sad portraits and bright colours for his happy portraits.



We also discovered Picasso's abstract art. We used him as inspiration for our own abstract self portraits. 


Happy portraits - we used warm, happy colours

Abstract Picasso Portraits

We made clay head self portraits


As we are learning all about Portraits, we decided it would be good fun to make 3D portraits using clay! Here is a selection of photos from P4. Do you think they look like us? 😉

P4Fo Clay Head Portraits