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Charity 2017

Our Annual Charity event will take place on Friday 24th March. Our sponsored activity is called Break The Rules Day. Each child should have received a sponsorship form which should be returned by Friday 31st March. Children must not collect door to door.


Our charities are;


Cancer Fund for Children

Angel Wishes

Reach Team

Alzheimer's Society NI


We will also support a small number of other charities; The Wings Appeal, The Poppy Appeal, RNLI, Guide Dogs and Abaana Ugandan Choir.


Children in Primary 3-5 enjoyed visits from Rebecca speaking on behalf of Cancer Fund for Children,



and Gaye from Angel Wishes.



We appreciate your support for these worthwhile causes.


 Here is a set of rules for Break The Rules Day.

1. We wear our school uniform.

2. We have sensible hairstyles.

3. We do our Friday test.

4. We do our homework every day.

5. We have 15 minutes playtime at break.

6. We don’t bring toys to school.

7. No makeup or nail polish is allowed.

8. We eat healthy snacks.

9. We walk on the left hand side of

the corridor.

10. We do not wear hats in school.

11. We walk to our line on the bell in the


12. We knock the door and say ‘excuse me’

when entering a classroom or office.