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We are looking forward to preparing for Christmas over these next few weeks! We will be taking part in many Christmas activities and we hope to visit Streamvale Farm for our Christmas educational visit. We are also looking forward to performing 'Whoops a Daisy Angel' for parents!


Please see the Educational Visits section of our website for photos of our trip to Streamvale Farm and Music in Nursery page for photos of our Whoops a Daisy Angel performance.

Santa came to visit us in Nursery! We were so excited!

We were so excited when Santa came to visit us in Nursery! He sang ‘jingle bells’ with us and talked to us about what he would like us to leave out for him and his reindeer on Christmas Eve! Before he left, we got our photograph taken with him and he gave us a special chocolate lolly!

Our nursery Christmas dinner!

We all enjoyed our delicious Christmas dinner! We listened to Christmas music and had fun pulling crackers with our friends!

We enjoyed decorating our class Christmas tree!

We are all enjoying taking part in different art activities as we prepare for Christmas time in Nursery! You can see some of our lovely pieces of art in our Nursery classroom and also around the Nursery building!
We have been learning about the new season of Winter during our Community Times. We painted winter trees with no leaves, and we then added on some white paint and glitter for the snow. We also painted and made snowmen using different materials! We have been learning a new song that talks about the warm clothes that we have to wear in Winter time to keep us warm!