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We are looking forward to preparing for Christmas over these next few weeks! We will be taking part in many Christmas activities and we hope to visit Streamvale Farm for our Christmas educational visit. We are also looking forward to performing 'Whoops a Daisy Angel' for parents!
Please see the 'Educational Visits' section of our Nursery webpage for photos of our exciting trip to Streamvale Farm, and also 'Christmas Play' page for photos of our Nursery performance of 'Whoops a Daisy Angel'! 

We have been learning about the new season of Winter!

We are exploring the new season of Winter through our play!
We really enjoyed making Christmas trees! We painted our hands green to make handprint Christmas trees and we then decorated the trees using different coloured paints for the lights and glitter for the tinsel. We also made 3D Christmas trees using a variety of different materials!
During Community Time, we have been discussing the new season of Winter and reading many winter story books. We hope that we might get some snow this year! In class, we worked together to make a huge snowman collage for our Winter display board and we have also been enjoying painting snowmen. Maybe we will get to build our own snowmen this Winter!
We are learning to recognise and name the shape; triangle, this month! We enjoyed using different objects to make triangle prints. We have also been collecting different triangle shaped objects from Nursery and home for our shape table in our classroom. 

We all enjoyed helping to decorate our class Christmas tree!