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Science Day - We enjoyed making and flying our paper aeroplanes!

Easter Competiton 2016

Miss Anderson came to visit Primary Four today. She is a teacher from School in the Past. She was very strict. We had to line up quietly and get our hands checked. Miss Anderson checked our mathematics, readin, writing and arithmetic skills. We used chalk and a slate board to write. We were not allowed to slouch in our chairs or talk. We were as quiet as mice. It was very interesting to see what school was like for pupils a long time ago. 


Primary Four Art Day 2015 - this is our finished quilt. You can come and see it in the hallway at Reception.

Art Day was lots of fun! Every Primary Four made their own picture patch from felt. The theme was Our School as we are investigating School in the Past. Each patch shows what that pupil loves about KPS. All the patches are going to be attached together to make a P4 quilt. You will be able to find it in the Entrance Hallway. Maybe children in years to come will be able to look at our P4 quilt and think about what school was like in 2015.