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Sarah and Jesse reported back to us from their meeting with Mr Shields.

As the chair person and vice chair person Jesse and Sarah went to meet Mr Shields to discuss the school council's ideas with him. Mr Shields came to speak to the Council about their requests. Mr Shields took our requests very seriously and some of the problems we talked about have been solved already. Our meeting was very successful and we have lots more ideas to discuss in the New Year!


KPS Peace Pledge


As a School Council we wrote A Peace Pledge to represent KPS. It is being sent to the Pathway of Peace, a peace building initiative organised by the Education Authority. 


Illustrated by Sarah O'Connor (vice chairperson)


The School Council noticeboard 2014/15

Everyone in school can see who the councillors are
The councillors can see when the next meeting is

The 2014/15 School Council met the last ever Mayor of Craigavon Borough Council

The 2014/15 School Council with Mr Colin McCusker
The children thought of questions for the Mayor