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This month we will be learning about People Who Help Us through our play, community time learning and from our special visitors.

We have a wide range of visitors planned to help the children understand about the special jobs that people do in our community.  We hope to have visits from a Dental nurse, a hairdresser, the Fire and Rescue Service, the Police and a librarian (see photos in the Educational Visits section of our website).

We will also be taking parts in lots of activities to help develop our fine motor skills. This month we will be learning about the colour pink and heart shape, as well as celebrating Valentine’s Day. 

We are enjoying taking part in the ‘Happy Smiles’ program!

As part of the ‘Happy Smiles’ program, we are enjoying brushing our teeth every day before we go home! The dental nurse left each of us a toothbrush and toothpaste, and so each afternoon we brush our teeth for 2 minutes. We listen to a special song as we brush our teeth! 
We spotted some beautiful snowdrops in our Nursery garden! We have been painting pictures of them, drawing them using pastels and even making 3D snowdrops! We also are learning a lovely song about Snowdrops!
To help develop our fine motor skills, we are taking part in lots of different activities this month. These activities will include rolling playdough in our hands and with our ‘beaky bird’ to make tiny balls, threading beads on to pipe cleaners to make bracelets, using tweezers and pegs to lift pom poms and other small objects, using chalk and pastels to draw pictures, and using scissors to cut playdough and paper! We hope that these activities will help develop the muscles in our hands and fingers!

We made chocolate playdough!

We are enjoying making buns and cakes using chocolate flavoured and scented dough! Our buns smell delicious!

We are enjoying exploring and using a range of toys and materials using our senses!

We are enjoying exploring a range of toys using our senses! We can squeeze the different sponges, pull, stretch and feel the different textures on the fidget toys and watch the spiral glitter wands as well as the liquid and sand timers!