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Final Week- 22nd June

heartYou have made it to the final week of Primary 3!!!heart


**Don't forget to come to King's Park canteen on Friday 26th June 11am-12noon P3D and P3M

12noon-1pm P3Ch and P3McS

to collect all of your belongings and say a final farewell to your teacher. We look forward to seeing you all!


Suggestions for activities this week...


-Finish off any booklets that are not yet completed.

-Set up an obstacle course in your garden or the park and have your very own sports day!!

-Hunt for some minibeasts in your garden and have your very own school trip!!

-We are sure your 'Home Teacher' is very tired- could you do something to help her out...make her a cup of tea, do the dishes, dust the living room? Send us a photo of how you're helping out.

-Can you make a thank you card for someone?

-Can you make a poster of your favourite memories from Primary 3...King's Park is the best because...

-What are you looking forward to in Primary 4?


We can't wait to see you all on Friday!!