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Friday 15th May

Please test your child on this week's Spellings and Numberfacts.


Creative Thinking/STEM- Flat Teachers!!!

Hello boys and girls!

Hopefully you have all received your exciting post and we can start to create a video together! The whole Primary 3 video together will look like your teachers have joined you at home laugh

We would like you to take a short video of yourself (no more than 5 or 6 seconds). You need to make your teacher enter from your child’s right and leave out of shot to your child’s left. When your teacher enters the shot, you could dance with her, play football with her, read with her etc. The list is endless....let your imagination run wild!

You then need to send your short video clip to (This email address will only be used for the purpose of making this video). Please have all videos sent across no later than Monday 18th May at 3pm so we can start putting them all together and create a Primary 3 masterpiece!!! winkWe hope for as many of you to participate in this as possible....




Problem Solving- your activity will be sent through Class Dojo.



Don't forget your Art work for this week. Have a look at the 'King's Park Messages of Hope' page for more information! Remember to send your photos to and send a copy to your teacher through your Dojo as well!


Thank you for your hard work this week. Enjoy your weekend and have lots of fun! See you next week.