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Friday 3rd April

Creative Thinking/STEM:


Please follow the link below to an ebook about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. 

Your Goal: Using supplies from home, build Baby Bear a new chair or bed. You could also make a Baby Bear and see if your chair or bed can hold him!


After, you could pretend you are Goldilocks and write a letter into your lined book to Baby Bear saying sorry for breaking his chair/bed. 

Have fun!


A photo of your Problem Solving Task will be sent through Class Dojo!

You could use your workbook to draw pictures to help you solve it....

Good Luck wink

Happy Easter everyone! Remember, there will be no work sent for the next two weeks so use this time to play outside and spend time with your family. We will see you back on Monday 20th April. Stay safe!

Primary 3 Teachers blush