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Friday 5th June

Please complete the weekly Spellings and Numberfacts test with your child.


Literacy- World Around Us Research – We are beginning a new topic which is Animals.

How many different types of animals are there in the world – how to they adapt their environment? What do they need to survive?

Your task today is to compare and contrast 2 animals- Penguins and Elephants.

With an adult use the internet to research facts about each of these animals- What is the same/ different?

Think about these headings—

Habitat? -where do they live?

Covering- is it fur? Scales?

Food- What do they eat?

Predators? – who wants to eat them? Movement? - How do they move?

Choose a way to record your information and send your teacher a picture of your completed work.


Now can you make an enclosure for one of these animals? - you may choose an elephant or a penguin.

Have a look around the house for an old shoe box/ cereal box etc. What type of environment does your animal need? Using scraps that you can find, and your colours can you create an enclosure to keep it safe from predators? Your teacher will send some examples through dojo.

Send your teacher pictures on dojo.


Don’t forget your Messages of Hope.


Have a lovely weekend everyone. laugh