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Group 2

Monday - Schofield & Sims Comprehension - Sea Fever

Tuesday - Wednesday

Writing Task: Group 1-2

Task: Write a letter to your local MP about a change you feel is needed in your community.

Local MP: Carla Lockhart

Ideas: littering in your local park, the need to enforce the “stay at home, stay safe” policy, an unsafe play park in your area, a service to help the elderly etc.

WILF (What I am looking for)

  • The use of a formal letter style: address at top right, Dear Sir/Madam, Yours Sincerely.
  • Emotive language to persuade your reader.
  • Use of rhetorical questions .e.g. “Are we to stand by and let this happen?”
  • Good Punctuation and grammar.
  • Set out in paragraphs.

Thursday: Grammar Work: Direct Speech