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On this page you have the opportunity to show your best handwriting.

Simply choose a short piece of text and copy it out in the Nelson handwriting you use in school.

You can see a reminder of it here:

You could try copying this verse. 

All pieces of handwriting can be photographed and sent to

including name and class.


You might find the following links helpful -


Guidelines to write on:


Writing silly sentences activity:


Word practice cards:



Lauren P6sm

Archie P6sm

Maddie P6sm

Viktoria P6P

Kurt P6sm

Daniel P6sm

Millie P6sm

Joshua P6sm

Hayden P6sm

Damian P6sm

Maddie P6sm

Charlie P6sm

Mischa P6sm

Daniel P6sm

Eve P6sm

Emma P6sm

Hope P6S