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On this page you have the opportunity to show your best handwriting.

Simply choose a short piece of text and copy it out in the Nelson handwriting you use in school.

You can see a reminder of it here:

Picture 1

You could try copying this verse. 

Picture 1

All pieces of handwriting can be photographed and sent to

including name and class.


You might find the following links helpful -


Guidelines to write on:


Writing silly sentences activity:


Word practice cards:



Picture 1 Austen P6S
Picture 2 Alesha P6S

Lauren P6sm

Lauren P6sm 1

Archie P6sm

Archie P6sm 1

Maddie P6sm

Maddie P6sm 1

Viktoria P6P

Viktoria P6P 1

Kurt P6sm

Kurt P6sm 1

Daniel P6sm

Daniel P6sm 1

Millie P6sm

Millie P6sm 1

Joshua P6sm

Joshua P6sm 1

Hayden P6sm

Hayden P6sm 1
Hayden P6sm 2

Damian P6sm

Damian P6sm 1

Maddie P6sm

Maddie P6sm 1

Charlie P6sm

Charlie P6sm 1
Charlie P6sm 2

Mischa P6sm

Mischa P6sm 1

Daniel P6sm

Daniel P6sm 1

Eve P6sm

Eve P6sm 1

Emma P6sm

Emma P6sm 1

Hope P6S

Hope P6S 1