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We cannot believe that it is now the month of June; our last month in Nursery before the summer holidays, and what a busy month it is going to be! We will be exploring the exciting topics of Sealife and Summer as well as be taking part in many activities to help us prepare for our transition to Primary 1 in September! We also hope that there will be some sunny weather so that we can enjoy our outdoor classroom, as well as our Sports Day!
On Tuesday 4th June we held our Nursery Sports Day! Although it rained, we put on our coats and made the most of the day! All of the boys and girls ran very fast in our running races and they enjoyed participating in the various activities afterwards! Well done boys and girls! We then enjoyed a special dinner back in Nursery before the ice-cream man paid us a visit! We finished our Sports Day with a special awards celebration where we each received a very special gold medal for taking part in Sports Day! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who attended!
Fun activities this month have included learning about various sea creatures, watching our caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies and releasing them in to our Nursery garden, as well as enjoying another visit from Debutots! 

Our Nursery Class!

Ms McCreanor and I cannot believe that we have reached the end of another Nursery year! We have loved teaching each and every one of these very special boys and girls and we wish them well for Primary 1! We hope that all of our Nursery children and their families have a great summer!