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Learning English at home

While it is essential for your child to learn English for school purposes, it is important that you speak your home language also as it is an essential part of culture and identity.  Research (e.g. Rowe, 2012) has demonstrated that when a child has good language skills in their home language this helps them learn English more effectively. 


Great website allowing children to listen to stories in languages from around the world. Stories graded in levels of difficulty from 1-5.


Using this link you can listen to actors (eg Melissa Gilbert & Chris O’Dowd) reading stories in English with illustrations (words appear on bottom of screen).


Lots of activities to acquire English, write, learn grammar & punctuation.  Suitable for the very young up to children in their teens.



Rowe, M. (2012). A Longitudinal Investigation of the Role of Quantity and Quality of Child-Directed Speech in Vocabulary Development. Child Development83 (5), 1762-1774.