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Wednesday 3rd June - Punctuation (PDFs below)

WALT correct the punctuation *revises all concepts
Haydn Richards Junior English 2 P22
Haydn Richards Junior English 2 P8

Tuesday 2nd June - Spywatch - Comparative and Superlative Adjectives PowerPoint

Tuesday 19th - Thursday 21st May Writing an Evacuee's Letter (PDFs below)

Evacuees letter
Evacuees letter 2
Evacuees letter 3
Evacuees letter 4
Letter writing format
Letter Plan1
Letter Plan2
Letter template
Letter checklist

WALT write an evacuee’s letter.

Still image for this video

Alice's Evacuee Letter

Wednesday 13th May - Bert Slader's: A Farm Journey Comprehension

Bert Sladers farm journey comprehension
Bert Sladers farm journey questions

Tuesday 31st March - Here is a checklist you can use when you have completed your instructions for making bird cake

26th March - How to use speech marks.


Here is a great video that you can watch. It will help to remind you how to use speech marks correctly. 


23rd - 27th March Comprehension

The Puppy
Brown Hares
Brown Hares