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We wish you all a safe and restful Easter break. 

*You can also keep in contact with your class teacher through the ClassDojo app.*

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Here are some fun activities that you could complete over your Easter holidays (or even if you have some free time after Easter). Enjoy!


We'd like to encourage you all to participate in a weekly art project.

This week the theme is THANKYOU NHS POSTERS. You can paint, draw, make a collage, let your imagination run wild...the brighter the better. Please take a photograph of your thank you poster (you may be in the photograph if you have your parent's permission) and get your parent/guardian to send it to your class teacher on ClassDojo or send it to this email address


You could maybe put your art up in the window of your house so that people can see you are thinking about them. We want to help spread a little bit of hope, positivity and happiness through our school community in these difficult times.