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Throughout the months of March and April, we will be exploring the following exciting topics: Spring, the farm and Easter! 

We are looking forward to exploring the new season of Spring; observing new flowers growing outdoors, reading and learning about new animals being born, as well as hopefully enjoy some warmer weather outdoors! In addition to all of this, we will be learning more about the farm through our play and community time learning; naming different farm animals and talking about their bodies/features, learning about the different products they give us, as well as learn more about tractors and other farm machinery.

We will also be taking part in various Easter activities!


For March and April, our focus shape is oval and our focus colours are green and purple! Please encourage your child to go on a shape and colour hunt around your house and outdoors, and bring in one thing for our shape and colour tables (please label these objects with your child’s name and they will be returned at the end of the month).  


We will also be providing lots of opportunities to develop our fine and gross motor skills both indoors and outdoors, as well as become more familiar with numerals 0-5, create our own 2 colour patterns and develop our use of mathematical language, focusing on ‘next to’ and ‘beside’.


Additionally, we will all be taking part in the sponsored Readathon where we will be participating in many different reading and book activities each day! We are very excited about dressing up as our favourite book character on World Book Day!

We are enjoying exploring our ‘Farm’ topic through our different play activities, as well as our Community Time learning!

We all enjoyed working together as a class to make pancakes on Pancake Tuesday! We weighed out the flour and sugar and then we each took our turn to mix them together. Next, we added some buttermilk and an egg to the mixing bowl. Mrs Bartholomew used an electric whisk to mix all of the ingredients together, before using a jug to pour the pancake batter in to the pan. We chose either butter, jam, sugar or lemon juice for the top of our pancakes. We thought they tasted delicious! 

We also enjoyed listening to a story today called ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’, and we sang two songs about pancakes too!

Readathon activities in Nursery!

As well as having Mrs Bartholomew and Ms McCreanor read to us each day from our topic related books and a variety of big books, we are enjoying listening to CD stories at the listening centre, listening to stories and using finger puppets, as well as browsing through a range of books both indoors and outdoors!
We are learning about some of the beautiful Spring flowers that are growing in our gardens, including our Nursery garden! We are enjoying painting and drawing daffodils, tulips and crocuses!

We are enjoying mark making with different materials and textures!

We are enjoying using our senses through fun activities!

We have been enjoying using our senses as we play! We have had lots of fun playing with water beads in the water tray. They are colourful and squidgy! We are also enjoying having bubble bath in our water tray. Additionally, we are enjoying messy play with shaving foam; mark-making with it and exploring its and smell!