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Microsoft Office Lens- to have text read aloud

Microsoft Office Lens


This app makes it easy to turn your phone into a scanner and then use a tool within the app to have the text read out loud to you. It would benefit children who are finding reading difficult or for a child with a visual impairment as you can enlarge the text. We can also translate the document and have it read out loud in more than 60 languages.


Step 1: Install Office Lens on your device, run the app, then give it permission to access your camera.

Step 2: Take a picture of the text then press done.


Step 3: Type in email address (This only needs done once.)


Step 4: Now click on "Immersive Reader." The text from the document you photographed will now appear on your screen ready to be read aloud. Press play and listen.




Step 5: To translate the document, click the 3 lines at the top right and then click the book. Click translate and choose your language.




What a fantastic resource that we hope lots of you will benefit from.