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Monday 18th May

Welcome back after the weekend. We hope everyone is well. Remember do what you can and take lots of breaks. Remember keep the work manageable for you and your child.



Spellings- this week’s spellings list and number facts are available below.


Class news/Diary

Write a few sentences about what you did over the weekend- did you go for a walk or cycle with your family? Did you do some art and craft work? Did you do some baking or help around the house or garden?

Remember to include the date, capital letters at the start of sentences and for names, full stops and a picture!



We are continuing our shape work. We are looking at symmetry-this is where both sides of a shape or picture are exactly the same- they are a mirror image of each other.

Watch the link below and do pages 8,9 and 10 of your shape book!

Important information

You will need to make some ice cubes tonight for tomorrow’s work!


Messages of Hope

This week’s messages of hope activity is to make some HEART themed art!

Please take a photo of your art work and send it to so we can put it on the website.