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Mrs Thomson

Pancake Tuesday.....Yum yum!

We looked at how ice pops melted and froze in the freezer. We chose our favouraite colour, and made a pictogram with our ice pops! What was the most popular, can you see?

Birds! We have been learning all about Birds. We brought in bird information from home, fed the birds in school, looked at feathers using a magnifying glass, painted birds, made bird food, sketched birds with charcoal and went for a bird walk to Lurgan Park!

Mrs Calvert (Sophia's Mum) came into school to talk to us about her job at a nurse in the hospital. She showed us poor Minnie who had visited her hospital with a sore arm and leg. We learnt so much all about what nurses do, and we will be role playing this in our hospital corners in our classrooms. Many thanks to Mrs Calvert for coming ot visit.

We have been learning all about birthdays. We had a party for 'Ben' from our reading book.