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Congratulations to all of our Christmas Competition Winners!

Artwork Competition for King’s Park 2017 Christmas Card

The Christmas Card Competition was won by Marcela Machnik (P1EH). Second Place went to both Isaac Irwin (P7KM) and Lauren Crawford (P5KW) and runners up were Daisy Jess (P2LM), Carson Stewart (P3JC), Lauren Megaw (P4NT) and Leah Heasley (P6SF).

Artwork Competition for Carol Service Programme

The Carol Service artwork competition was won by Alicia Brown (P5KW). Other artwork for the programme was done by Tilly Douglas (P6AS) and Sarah Hamilton (P6AS).

Poetry Competition for Carol Service

The winners of the Poetry Competition are: Lauren Crawford (P5KW), Carly Fong (P6AS), Lauren Megaw (P4NT), Olivia Heasley (P4SF), Leah Balfour (P5SS), Grace McNeill (P5DK), Grace Cochrane (P6AS), Madison Young (P4NT) and Jessica Ramsey (P4SF).

Supporting King’s Park – Calendar

Well done to all of our children who designed a calendar over the last few weeks. A winner from each Nursery, Foundation, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 was selected and these children have received a prize of a Chocolate Santa. They were: Nursery – Freya Stewart (NLB); Foundation – Lydia Devlin (P2LMcB); Key Stage 1- Abi Cherry (P4SF) and Key Stage 2 – Grace McNeill (P5DK). Thank you again to the Supporting King’s Park Group for organising the sale of the calendars this year. To date £525.00 has been collected from the sale of the 2018 calendar.