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Cross Country success

Congratulations to both Kings Park girls' and boys' teams who came  first in the Flahavans  Southern Area cross country league second round at Palace Stables Armagh today .

Boys won overall by a very slender margin of three points.  However the plaudits have to go to the girls who produced an incredible score of 12 points  with first, second, third, sixth and seventh place finishes out of a field of 75 runners. Once again special mention has to go to Ellie Cousins who produced the best girls' time of the day. Also young Leah Balfour who came in second must get a special mention as must young Alex Kerr who came in third in her first race in the team.. Nicole Penny and Victoria Alexander ran in 6th and 7th respectively, again an outstanding performance.

Securing the top three places in the girls' race has to be a first anywhere. 

The boys did just enough with top finishers being Peter McCluggan, Lewis and Dylan Crooks and Sam Banks in his very first team race. 

The fun run was again well represented with Casey Cousins (P5) coming in second with Emma Latimer and Caitlin McCarter coming in joint 3rd. In the boys' race special mention has to go to Daniel McCluggan (P5) who came in second and Ross Penny (P5) who came in 7th.