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Easter Art & Design Competition

Nursery to Primary 7

Closing Date Monday 26th March at 9.00am


This year our Easter Competition asks our children to create an Easter design which should include a cross and an animal.


As usual children are permitted to have assistance from family and friends so that the competition can be a family project.


  1. are no restrictions on the design or what can be used. So be creative!!!!!


  1. will be an Easter Egg presented to 3 winners from each class throughout the school and a larger egg plus a £10 token for each overall winner in Nursery, Foundation Stage (P1 & P2), Key Stage I (P3 & P4), and Key Stage II (P5, 6 & 7).


The one overall school winner will receive a KING SIZE Easter Egg plus a £20 token. All other entrants will get a cream egg.


  1. entries are to be brought to the Assembly Hall and placed on the Class Table before school begins on MONDAY 26TH MARCH. Parents and friends are invited to view entries between 12.00 noon and 4.00pm on Monday 26th March and from 8.30 to 9.30am on Tuesday 27th in the Assembly Hall.