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Football: Parental Code of Conduct

King’s Park Parental Code of Conduct

King’s Park expects all parents and guardians to promote the positive aspects of football by demonstrating exemplary behaviour at all times – this includes encouraging their child’s participation in the game, demonstrating respect for staff and officials and behaving responsibly on the sidelines.

Persistent breaches of the code may result in the parent or guardian being asked to stay away from club activities.

As a Parent / Guardian you must:

  • encourage my child to play by the rules and teach them that they can only do their best

  • show appreciation and respect for coaches, volunteers and other players

  • be realistic and never exert undue pressure or expectations on my child

  • praise effort and participation rather than focusing on performance and results

  • accept decisions made by match officials

  • behave responsibly on the sidelines (this includes not screaming or shouting)

  • encourage children to show respect to their coach, team mates, opponents and match officials by demonstrating exemplary behavior myself

  • promote my child’s participation in playing football for fun

  • encourage their child to play by the rules and teach them that they can only do their best

  • refrain from engaging in inappropriate use of social media – this includes posting comments on social media sites that may cause harm to others or bring the club into disrepute

  • complete and return the Registration / Consent Form pertaining to my child’s participation

  • deliver and collect my child to and from coaching sessions and matches punctually if required – depending on the age of the young person, venue and arrangements with club coaches / volunteers

  • ensure my child is properly and adequately attired and equipped – particularly for seasonal weather conditions

  • ensure that proper footwear and protective equipment are worn at ALL times

  • detail any health concerns relating to my child on the consent form, in particular breathing or chest conditions. I will also inform the coach of any changes to my child’s health.

  • inform the coach / co-ordinator if my child has been ill or hurt recently

  • inform the coach prior to departure from the field of play if my child is to be collected early from a coaching session

  • ensure my child’s hygiene and nutritional needs are met

  • never attempt to fulfill my own ambitions and aspirations through my child’s involvement in football