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Letter to Key Workers whose children currently attend King's Park

15 June 2020


TO KEY WORKERS who have been using King’s Park staff to cover their children during lockdown for Covid19.

Dear parent/guardian,

I write to inform you that cover for the children of Key Workers and vulnerable children will end for the summer on Tuesday 30th June.

I am sure you will agree with the Board of Governors in expressing their thanks to those staff members who have supported you and your children since the 23rd March.  Like you, we have all had to reorganise our lifelong daily routines during lockdown and we all hope and trust that life in the coming months can return to the ‘new normal’ as smoothly as possible.

As for the ‘new normal’, we in schools are still very unclear what that will look like, but we hope we will receive clear guidance from the Minister of Education sooner rather than later so that we can put procedures in place to make the return of your children to King’s Park as stress free as possible.

We will be writing to all parents again on 19th June regarding arrangements for school closing on the 30th June and other related matters.

Finally, thank you for your cooperation over this past three months and we hope you and your children will stay safe and have an enjoyable summer break.


Yours sincerely

T Shields


Mr DTO Shields