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Parent Update - 31 July 2020

31 July 2020


Dear Parent/Guardian,

Further to our plan for a return to school of all children in late August early September.  Our aim is still to have all of our children into school early next term and importantly to observe the social distancing rules for children and adults at all times.

This will involve much detailed pre-planning by the school, which is currently taking place and much understanding on your part.

We also understand that the NI Executive and the Department of Education will be issuing further guidance to schools by mid-August. This guidance may cause us to change our plans at any time over the coming weeks.

As things stand at present there will be a staggered intake across P2 to P7 classes over the last week of August and throughout September.  Arrangements for Nursery and Primary 1 will be staggered throughout late August and the month of September as is normal practice.

Parents and guardians will be informed by email on 17/18 August which children should return on which dates, also regarding the procedures to be followed and the timetable for dropping off children and the collection of children to and from school each day.

Further details will also be issued at that time regarding packed lunches, uniform, pupils personal items ie pencils, rubbers etc etc. and other health and safety guidance.

Parents are reminded that we will introduce a cashless money system across the school from the beginning of the term and everyone is asked to make sure you are registered for this system.  If you have not yet registered or are having any difficulties registering please contact Mrs Morrow in the school office from 17 August.

Finally, I will write again to all of our families on 17 August to update everyone so until then, take care stay safe and enjoy the rest of the holidays.

T Shields