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Sign Language Programme

Mrs Devlin's and Mrs Matchett's class are very fortunate to have been asked to participate in a Sign Language Programme organised by the Controlled Schools’ Support Council and funded by the Department of Communities. We are one of the nine schools chosen out of 43 schools to engage in these sessions. This Programme aims to raise awareness of sign language as a language of need for the deaf community and to teach the children some valuable sign language skills. The engaging and interactive workshops will be led by the sign language tutor Anthony Sinclair and the children will enjoy learning a variety of signs associated with themes such as colours and emotions.


As part of the programme of workshops, King’s Park will also host a parent workshop. This is your opportunity to share in your child’s learning and to develop some of the skills that they will have developed during these workshops. An invitation will follow.


You can watch a video of the children singing a song in sign language by clicking here link