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Nursery 3

We all enjoyed our trip to Streamvale Farm! We began by having our snack and then we took part in the Christmas tractor story ride. We enjoyed sitting with the cosy blankets around us and listening to the story about Santa and his reindeer. Next, we went on a short walk to visit the reindeer that live at Streamvale and we just loved seeing them and feeding them lots of carrots. Afterwards, we got to see and touch lots of animals that live at Streamvale Farm; sheep, puppies, rabbits, goats, pigs, alpacas, chickens, ponies, donkeys and mice! We were so excited to see all of these different animals! We then made some special reindeer food to leave out on our grass for Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve to help them fly, and then finally we got to meet Santa! He was very kind and gave us all an early Christmas present! Next, we had our packed lunches before heading back on the bus to Nursery! What a busy but brilliant day! Thank you to all of the parents who accompanied us on our trip. We really appreciated all of your help!