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This month in Nursery we will be continuing to explore the topic of 'All About Me' and the new topics of 'Autumn' and 'Harvest'. We will explore these topics through our play, both indoors and outdoors, Community Time learning and our Autumn walk to Lurgan Park. We will also be focusing on the colour, orange, and the shape, rectangle. 
We all enjoyed our Autumn walk to Lurgan Park! For photos of our Autumn walk, please look in the 'Educational Visits' section of the Nursery class page.

We made delicious fresh fruit salad!

For more photos of this activity, please see 'Special Activities' section of our Nursery page!

We enjoyed getting our hands messy as we made playdough and clay hedgehogs! We used our hands to roll the clay or playdough in to a ball, then pinched it to make a nose. Next we added two googly eyes and wooden sticks for the spikes! We hope to see a hedgehog on our Autumn walk to Lurgan Park!

We are learning to recognise and name the shape, rectangle! We enjoyed using paint and different sized rectangles to make rectangle prints.

We made 3D Autumn trees!

We are learning about the season of Autumn! We have been painting and making autumn trees using a variety of materials. You can see some of our Autumn trees on our classroom Autumn table and on our Autumn display!

Printing with fruit and vegetables!

We are learning about foods that are good for our bodies! We have been talking about different foods during community time and deciding which ones are good for a healthy lifestyle. We enjoyed printing with some fruits and vegetables!

Can you name the shape?

We have been taking part in small groups activities to help us recognise and name shapes! We are learning to wait for our turn too!