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This month in Nursery we will be continuing to explore the topic of 'All About Me' and the new topics of 'Autumn' and 'Harvest'. We will explore these topics through our play, both indoors and outdoors, Community Time learning and our Autumn walk to Lurgan Park. We will also be focusing on the colour, orange, and the shape, rectangle. 

Rectangle printing!

We are learning to recognise and name the shape, rectangle!
We are enjoying exploring our new topics through the different play activities in Nursery!

Making fruit and vegetable prints!

We are learning about different fruit and vegetables in Nursery and how we need to eat them to stay healthy! We have been learning the names of different fruit and vegetables through our play activities and community time learning.
As well as learning about our topics in Nursery, we are also learning and developing many important skills through our play including turn taking, sharing, imaginative skills, book handling skills and fine motor skills!

Dinner time in Nursery!

Conker rolling!

We enjoyed using clay to make hedgehogs!

Exploring pumpkins!

Have a look at the chocolate apples we made! Yummy!