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Learn Japanese Numbers 1 to 20

Japanese Name flags

P6Sh Japan talk

Learning about different cultures is always a good thing, and the internet brings so many opportunities for exploring other countries and customs with your children. We have tried on this page to bring you a real mix of activities and links all about Japan for kids, from learning activities to easy Japanese-themed crafts, so that you can pick and choose and find something that is just right for your child.

Heavily populated Tokyo
Over 35m people live in Japan's capital city, Tokyo, and its outskirts!

Learn about Japan


Have you ever wondered what schools were like in other countries? Well, now is your chance to find out about a school in Japan.

Miyake Elementary (Primary) School is situated in Kaminaka Town, near the Japan Sea directly north of Kyoto. There are 150 students in the school, with one class per year group. The average class size is 26 students (The maximum class size is 40 children in one class in elementary and junior high schools in Japan)  Visit their Website


The School Day

The school timetable looks like this:

 8:25 - 8:35

Homeroom (Registration)
8:40 -12:20
Classwork (4 lessons of 45 minutes with a 10 minute break in-between)
Lunch Time 
Cleaning time*
Classwork (2 lessons of 45 minutes with a 10 minute break in-between)
A short homeroom

Cleaning time* 
As most schools in Japan, children have to clean the school building. Children clean everywhere in the School, classrooms, teachers' room, floors, the school gate, and outside of the school.

The children study Japanese, arithmetic, social studies, science, music, fine arts, P.E., computers and English.

The School Year 
In Japan they have 3 terms. The academic year starts in April.
First term: 6th April to 20th July.
Summer vacation - about 40 days.
Second term: 1st September to 24th December.
Winter vacation - two weeks.
Third term: 8th January to 24th March.
Spring vacation - about two weeks.

Schools in Japan



School Year in England



Types of Schools in Japan

Reception  5


(not compulsory)

Year 1 5-6
Year 2 6-7
Year 3 7-8


Elementary school
7 – 12 

Year 4 8-9
Year 5 9-10
Year 6 10-11
Year 7 11-12
Year 8 12-13


Junior High school
13 – 15 

Year 9 13-14
Year 10 14-15
Year 11 15-16
    16 – 18  Senior High school

Elementary school and junior high school are compulsory.

We have been learning about how sound travels, how we hear and how the digestive system works. Click on the pictures below to find out more!