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In the month of September we have been very busy getting to know all of the boys in and girls in Nursery 2.  They have all settled in really well and are working hard to learn the rules and routines of Nursery.  They have also been getting to know the staff, learning the names of some of their peer, playing alongside their classmates, listening to stories and singing along to songs and rhymes.  Mrs Myers and Mrs Russell are very proud of each of the children.  Well done! We are going to be learning about the colour yellow this month and the shape we are focusing on is a circle.  

The boys are girls are enjoying their first day of Nursery and are busy exploring the selection of play activities indoors.

The boys and girls have really enjoyed exploring the outdoor playground in Nursery! They have loved the slide, the Wesco, using musical instruments, the seesaws, drawing with chalk and riding on the trikes!

The boys and girls are enjoying snack time in Nursery! They are all trying a selection of healthy foods. Well done!

Getting messy at the art table exploring hand prints as part of our Myself Topic this month. We also made a yellow collage for our colour focus this month too.