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A very big welcome to all of the boys and girls in our class this year! We hope you enjoy your time in Nursery 3 this year!

Throughout this month we will be exploring the topic of ‘Myself’ as we learn about our bodies, discuss emotions, and talk about families through our play and Community Time learning. We will also be learning lots of new routines in Nursery.

This month we will be learning to name and recognise the colour, yellow, and the shape, circle.

We are all settling really well in to Nursery!
We are learning about our bodies in Nursery! We enjoyed making handprints with different coloured paints and counting our fingers, as well as making footprints using powder. We also have been drawing and painting pictures of ourselves and our families, as well as making 3D faces! In Community Time, we are learning to name parts of our body and talk about what different parts of our bodies do. We have had lots of fun singing action songs and rhymes about our bodies, especially ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’!

Printing with circles!

We enjoyed drawing sunflowers using crayons!

We have been making circles like the artist, Kandinsky!

We enjoyed ripping, tearing and scrunching up yellow tissue paper and then sticking it on to make stars!