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Special Events

P1S Science Day. We made a seat for Mr Thomas!

Mr Moos road trip - Science day

More science day

Science Day - we saw experiments at the Science Show and we made vehicles for our class mascots!

An assembly about good manners

Easter Egg Hunt

P1S Easter Competition. Well done to all the entries; they all look great! A special well done to the class winners Daisy, Joshua, Kai and Rokas!

P1S Break The Rules Day. We had a charity day on Friday 24th March. We broke lots of rules like bringing toys to school, not wearing our uniform and walking on the wrong side of the corridor! We had a special dinner in the canteen too...yum!

Art Day P1S

Art Day P1 O

World Book Day P1McC

World Book Day P1S and P4McS

World Book Day

Pancake Tuesday P1McC

Pancake Tuesday P1S

Pancake day P1H

Pancake Day

'A Frosty Forecast' by P1McCS

Christmas Party

Christmas Concert

I'm the Happiest Christmas Tree

Ben's Birthday