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Caterpillar watch!


Reuben’s caterpillars have grown so much over the last week! We have one photograph to share, as well as two videos!


The caterpillars are eating the brown substance at the bottom of the tub. This food will help them to grow bigger and bigger, until they are ready for the next stage of becoming a butterfly. We can't wait to see what the caterpillars are going to look like in their next photograph or video!


Can you see all the hairs on their backs? Are there a lot or just a little? Can you count how many caterpillars there are inside the tub?



Caterpillar video 1

Still image for this video

Caterpillar video 2

Still image for this video

Walking Water Rainbow!


For this experiment you will need: kitchen roll, water based pens, 2 small bowls, water, a paper clip and a piece of thread. (Resources below from Twinkl)

Magic Milk Rainbow!


All you need for this experiment is whole milk, food colouring and washing up liquid! 


1. Pour the milk into a shallow dish, enough to cover the bottom

2. Add different drops of food colouring

3. them drop the washing up liquid into the dish and watch the colours grow and merge together!