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Tuesday 12th May

Please continue with Spellings and Numberfacts.




It's time for our surprise activity!!!


Boys and girls, we hope you all received post from your teacher- a 'flat' teacher to take on lots of adventures with you!! Please watch the Flat Stanley story again (the link is below) and read the instructions that you got in the post. We thought it would be a really fun activity for you to take your flat teacher on an adventure like Flat Stanley. 


Please send your pictures to your teacher on Class Dojo and remember- please keep us safe on our adventures!! wink


Use your imagination and ENJOY! 



2D Shape- Pentagons and Hexagons 

Please follow the link below to a game and then complete page 5, 6 and 7 of My Shape Booklet.

Keep going with your Messages of Hope Art! Have a look at our Messages of Hope page this week for more details.