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Tuesday 16th June

Go over your spellings and number facts.


Don’t forget to have a go at Joe Wicks!



Please continue with your reading, have you read for 15 minutes today? Get an adult to ask you some questions about what you have read.


Today we are doing question marks. Your sheet will be sent through class dojo.

Remember questions usually start with a questioning word like –What, where, when, why, who, which, how, do, can, did, is and they always end with a question mark-?

Write out the sentences in your book, remember the date, title, capital letters and don’t forget the ? at the end!Click on the link below to play the game.



We are continuing our ‘It’s Time For Time’ booklet pages 6 and 7. Today we are looking at the length of television programmes –one hour later/two hours later. This means adding one hour or adding two hours.


Don’t forget your ‘Messages of Hope’