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Sleep Meditation

Free childrens sleep Meditations bedtime app (includes in-app purchases). Has a built-in 13 minute audio track by award winning yoga teacher Christiane Kerr. Her calm reassuring voice guides the child into a completely relaxed state of body & mind.


Read with phonics

Read with phonics fun easy to navigate app used in school to assist with phonics recognition. Also available online. Helps children to blend sounds together to form words by guiding them through phonetical stages.



Learning to count will never be a drag with the help of Sesame Street's Elmo. These apps are full of games, activities, and videos, which will help teach your child about the alphabet, numbers and counting. Free, with in-app purchases, on mobile iOS and Android.



Easy to understand educational videos on everything ranging from Mozart to food allergies. Brainpop Jr. Movie of the Week is an app that gives younger kids access to these videos, plus short quizzes on them. You’ll need a subscription to access to the full library of videos, but the free version still gets you the movie of the week, there is a version for older kids too!