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Apps we use in class



Hairy Letters - Reinforcing letter sounds and formation and blending

Blobble Write - Letter and number formation. Reinforces letter sounds. (k,f,r different)

Phonics with Letter Lilies – Identify initial sounds from selection of 3.

Dexteria Junior - develop fine motor/co-ordination and a pincer grip.

 Silly Sentences

Word Wizard - Phonics- can change voice to uk! Lots of lists to select words from including cvc and 1000 high freq words. Has features such as unjumble letters, spell a given word, matching letters to make words.

Book Creator – Take photos and write captions about a topic



Maths 3-5 - range of mathematical concepts- counting, sorting, matching, pattern, position, comparing

Tell the Time - o’clock and half past

Numberlines - counting forwards/backwards, counting in 2’s

Bugs and Numbers – Topic related

Maths 4-6 – 2D shapes, symmetry, positional language

King of Maths Junior – counting, addition, subtraction, comparing sizes of sets, jigsaw shape puzzles

3D Shapes – animated visualisation of 3D shapes

Amazing Coin