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Teddy Comes to school P1H

Local Author and storyteller, Declan Carville visits P1 and P2

Scientific Sue came to tell us why litter is bad and how it is up to us to stop it.

Ian came in to talk to us about his birds of prey. He told us lots of interesting things about his birds and let us see them flying. He brought a Barn Owl, a Wood Owl and a Kestral with him.

Mrs Calvert (Sophia's Mum) came into school to talk to us about her job at a nurse in the hospital. She showed us poor Minnie who had visited her hospital with a sore arm and leg. We learnt so much all about what nurses do, and we will be role playing this in our hospital corners in our classrooms. Many thanks to Mrs Calvert for coming ot visit.

Mr Henning the farmer, came into school to tell us all about his job. He showed us what he wears, and what machinery is on the farm. We helped him to count his animals, and we talked about what he had for his breakfast.

Mrs Ruddell from High Street Harvest came in to school to talk to us all about her fruit and vegetable shop. We played a fun game where we had to guess where the fruit or vegetable grew! A big thank you to Mrs Ruddell for coming in to see us and bringing us lots of fruit and vegetables.